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Applied Behavior Analysis services are now offered at our Alpharetta location! Contact R.​S.​ Goldring Inc. to inquire about additional information to get started today!

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Summer Programs: Helping Children’s Written Language Expression Grow. Lessons Taught by Licensed and Certified Speech Language Pathologists


ORAL MOTOR SPEEDWAY Getting on the Road to Clear, Strong Speech By Wendy Alexander, CCC-SLP Isn’t it nice when friends tell you that you have something stuck between your teeth? Don’t you always appreciate it when your kids tell you there’s a big spot on your shirt collar or that your earring is about to Continue Reading

iPad 2 Applications

Communication is the heartbeat of every daily interaction. In working with children who have communication disorders, I have found that various tools can help them to be more successful with their communication skills. A tool I have recently found to be very effective in my speech-language therapy is the iPad 2. I use this innovative Continue Reading