WELCOME TO RS Goldring Inc! Private Pediatric Speech and Occupational Therapy practice serving the Greater Atlanta Area

To provide excellence in care: We strive to make therapy fun and exciting for children of all ages and abilities so that they may meet their age appropriate communication milestones.

About us

RS Goldring, Inc is an independently owned and operated private Speech Language Pathology practice serving the Greater Atlanta Area.

We offer therapy in the child’s’ natural communication environment (i.e.: home, daycare, school), with a family-centered approach. All of out therapy sessions include therapist feedback, encouragement, and strategies for parental/caregiver follow-up during the non-treatment times.

Treatment sessions are based one-on-one contact to specifically focus on individual goals and optimize the child’s speech and language development, while also offering play/social skills development groups.

Our expertise is in the areas of language, articulation, sensory integration, feeding, oral-motor therapy and augmentative communication. Helping children who have Autism, Down syndrome, Dyspraxia, Compromised Muscle Tone, Cerebral palsy reach their full potential.

Expert staff that consists of experienced, licensed speech and language pathologists who are eager to help children master the art of communication.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

We offer the following and more..

Speech Therapy

The main goal of Articulation or Speech Therapy with RS Goldring Inc is to help your child produce and shape speech sounds accurately.


Language is composed of both expressive and receptive language. This focuses on your child’s ability to express their thoughts and feelings through communication.

Feeding Therapy

Our therapeutic Feeding & Swallowing program is specially designed for children who experience difficulty chewing and/ or swallowing foods or liquids. 

Play Therapy / Social Skills

“Play” skills are a very important precursor to your child’s speech and language development. Children actively improve their socialization skills and learn how to engage in cooperative activities through play.

Occupational Therapy

Helps children gain independence and strengthening the development of fine motor skills, sensory skills, and visual motor skills that children need to function and socialize.

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