Finding  a  Pediatric  Speech  Therapist 
Has  Never  Been  So  Simple!

At RS Goldring, we are committed to provide excellence in care.

We strive to make therapy fun and exciting for children of all ages and abilities so that they may meet their age appropriate communication milestones.

Our  Pediatric  Speech  Therapy  Services  Include:

Early Childhood Program
Our early childhood program focuses on your child’s early developmental language skills (i.e., play skills, learning shapes and colors, counting and letter recognition). This program builds the foundation for the cultivation of children’s literacy skills.

Play Therapy
“Play” skills are a very important precursor to your child’s speech and language development. Children actively improve their socialization skills and learn how to engage in cooperative activities through play. Furthermore, activities like using puppets or playing dress up provide children with opportunities to work on their speaking and listening skills. “Play” is an integral part of children’s speech and language development because it encourages language development and expands your child’s imagination. Children requiring play therapy may, or may not also have an accompanying language delay.

Language Therapy
Language is composed of both expressive and receptive language. Therapy for expressive language focuses on your child’s ability to express their thoughts and feelings through communication. Expressive language also includes your child’s vocabulary and use of grammar. In contrast, receptive language refers to your child’s ability to attend to, process, comprehend, retain, or integrate spoken language. Therapy for receptive language skills focus on your child’s ability to understand spoken language and follow directions.

Articulation or Speech Therapy
The main goal of Articulation or Speech Therapy with RS Goldring Inc is to help your child produce and shape speech sounds accurately. Children may substitute, add, omit or change various speech sounds or entire speech sound patterns. For example, your child may produce “ouse” instead of “house” or substitute sounds that are made in the back of the mouth (i.e.., “k” and “g” with sounds that are made in the front of the mouth (i.e.., “t” and “d”, “dup” for “cup”. Speech therapy is also an effective way for children and parents to learn strategies to reduce and/or eliminate stuttering.

Social Skills Therapy
Our social skills training program enables your child to use their language to better communicate their ideas, needs and emotions in a functional and socially appropriate manner.

Therapeutic Feeding & Swallowing Therapy
Our therapeutic Feeding & Swallowing program is specially designed for children who experience difficulty chewing and/ or swallowing foods or liquids. This program is also very valuable for children who are considered to be “picky eaters” and are only willing to eat a limited variety of foods.

Reading & Writing Literacy Services
Our reading and writing literacy services provide school-age children’s basic language skills (i.e.., reading, reading comprehension, and writing skills).

Family Training
Family training is provided consistently while your child is receiving speech therapy services. Parents learn proven techniques and strategies from their speech therapist which can be utilized to stimulate their children’s speech, language and learning development. Most of these strategies can be easily implemented throughout daily routines and during playtime.